October 10th, 2010



Half Price Books Minnesota Clearance Event, held at the State Fairgrounds: WOW! That might be more media than I have ever seen for sale at one place in my life. I am pretty sure it was roughly the size of my high school library. I almost didn't get a chance to go at all, and I was completely unprepared for both the size of the event and the prices, so I do not think I brought home even half as much treasure as I should have, but...

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I tossed out a variety of less-important TV thoughts earlier in a backdated post, which I normally would not call attention to after the fact except it now occurs to me that I need to know if one of you fine people feels the same way I did and/or has discovered anything new about the mystery song in last week's CSI: NY, so if the show is relevant to you, go read that part.

Meanwhile, less relevant to you but more exciting to me:

Grey's Anatomy, 7x03, "Superfreak"

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Private Practice 4x03, "Playing God": Huh, that seemed strangely less horrible than usual.Collapse )