October 11th, 2010


Retro Reading List: 02-03

Hey, fun story, I was flipping through my old paper reading lists from before LJ and nostalgically falling in love with the memories. Would anyone be at all interested if I were to post one of them in slightly abbreviated listy format? OH GOOD.

This is my randomly-chosen 11th grade list, which meant a new campus and therefore a new school library full of wondrous old books, especially wondrous old animal books.  Or just fun 70s/80s book in general. I did not realize how much I miss having the old collections at my fingertips until I compare this list with the boring 21st-century dense lists I compose now from the public library.

I have also thrown in random comments here and there. Mostly, I want to know if any of you have read any of these, and if so, please comment and let's chat about books. I'm not going to put this post in my sidebar or anything, it's strictly a regular nostalgia entry, so feel free to speak up, yeah? Over classics, if nothing else.

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P.S. GUYS GUYS GUYS, THE SOUNDTRACK FOR THE DOCTOR WHO SPECIALS IS OUT, where were you and why were you not informing me of its existence IMMEDIATELY?  Bad friends!  Bad fandom! OK, dying of Murray Gold-induced ecstasy now, BRB. Or maybe sobbing my heart out when the climax of "Vale Decem" kicks in and brings back all the inconsolable pain of the end.