October 15th, 2010


Checking In

Depression Mode: I interviewed at the library for a part-time page position of 16 hours a week that is nevertheless my dream job, Collapse )

Let's be done with that and move on to joy.

House 7x04Collapse )

NCIS: I've decided I'm not going to bother actually reviewing this anymore either (titles? what?), I'm just going to keep a log of all the Gibbs/Abby moments, because apparently this season has gone into crazy overdrive. Collapse )
Survivor, episode 5: I was so afraid for the team switch, but instead it has resulted in Collapse )

Law & Order: SVU: The Very Special "Soda Is Evil" Episode, ft. David Krumholtz
Collapse )
In other news, I have accidentally discovered, to my very great delight, that Lady Gaga has a second passable song in the aptly-titled "Just Dance." Collapse )