October 17th, 2010


"What the blergh" shall be my new catch phrase.

I am woefully behind on The Office, but may I just say, the live episode of 30 Rock was a DELIGHT. Collapse )

How I Met Your Mother, "The Subway Wars":  Collapse )
Collapse )
Grey's Anatomy, 7x04, "Can't Fight Biology"
Subtitled: April Is A Dearheart

Collapse )

I usually find it hard to watch The Amazing Race, so boring! (except when there are animals), but I want to because based on the 1.5 eps I've seen, I really like a ton of the teams this year, unlike last season in which they were all unpleasant. My particular favorites?  Nat and Kat, because those were the names my best friend and I used for several years of our sim horse club. Spectacular coincidence! There's even a Stephanie on top of that. The only people I want to see eliminated ASAP are the tattooed freaks, which means they will probably come in third. As for tonight's elimination: Collapse )
STILL have not had time to see Single Father.  Yet AGAIN missed out on CSI: NY live (actually, this time I fell asleep about 15 minutes in. I was exhausted, sure, but I think that Says Some Things). Sarah Jane Adventures is clearly Vault fodder. And Glee is usually my weekend treat, but I haven't gotten around to that yet because I also missed Private Practice and CSI in addition to The Office on Thursday. I think Glee has a bye coming up, though, so I can afford to push it off. Stupid survey piecework taking up all my time, and my inability to stop talking about everything I watch while simultaneously refusing to cut the routine chore stuff...