October 28th, 2010


Adventures in Halloween Television, part I

Dear Dianna Agron, Sue Sylvester has a message for you: "Just because you're free to say whatever you want doesn't mean you should. Artists are free to push boundaries to make art. But when pushing boundaries is their only aim? The result is usually bad art." Not that Ryan Murphy will be taking heed of his own words, but at least he put them out there. Or the other writer did.

Glee, 2x05, "Rocky Horror Glee"
Forget hate. Now I just want to kill them all.
Collapse )
By epic contrast, RAISING HOPE RAISING HOPE RAISING HOPE!!!!!!!!!  It is intoxicatingly wonderful, to the point where I am desperately trying and yet CANNOT form words, I just want to squeeze it tight and hold its precious nature forever. The Halloween episode is my new favorite, and not only for the obvious Sabrina reasons. Jimmy's dad just wants his son to hug him!  Oh, I am growing ever more fond of both parents, even if Maw Maw is still 100% unnecessary and I'm waiting for her to die or wander off screen and never return.

P.S. What?? Stop DOING this, network.  CBS cuts 'Medium' order short. Collapse )