October 31st, 2010


Adventures in Halloween Television, part 3

Another year of no trick or treaters...but who cares about that?  I'm just happy that Kym is able to jump on the bed again after two days of laying her muzzle on the edge and looking up longingly, as if expecting me to magically lower the mattress or make her able to fly. As of today it's been 12 beautiful years since we brought her shy, skinny and quiet young adult self home.
Kym Grass
How I Met Your Mother
6x05: I finally saw the one with Jennifer Morrison, and wish I had not. Basically: if Jennifer Morrison isn't a scene, RUN LIKE HELL. Collapse )
Grey's Anatomy, 7x06, "These Arms of Mine"
So hey, that was super great.

Collapse )
CSI, 11x06, "Cold Blooded"
Collapse )
The Office, 7x06, "Costume Contest"
Collapse )
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And the winner of TV Halloween 2010 is...well, still Community, but The Office and NCIS take runner-up. Unless an actual Halloween element is not a prerequisite, in which case CSI and Grey's are also contenders for best of the week.