November 1st, 2010


Single Father

It figures that despite anticipating it for weeks, it would take me another month to get around to actually watching it. Having just finished part 1, I really only have the one image handy to express my feelings, but it's still pretty apt.

I would have run straight to part 2, but I definitely need a few hours to decompress from how, what's the word, PERFECTLY TAILORED TO MY DREAMS this is. My few issues thus far are minor, and meanwhile, it's doing that thing Glee used to do, where it not only brings everything I expected and/or hoped for based on the summary, but throws in some extra delightful goodies I didn't even consider. Posting now to preserve the immediate joy.

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Petit Prince

But how do I really feel?

Good rule of thumb: Whenever I am in the middle of watching something and take a break to write about my feelings up to that point, you can assume two things: one, that I am going to watch more as soon as I hit post, and two, that by the time you read the post, I am probably feeling the opposite. In other words, I just got through part 3 and...yeah, wow, we have hit a Drama Swamp. 

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Petit Prince

Turns out I feel pretty much the same.

Ah, what a depressing end. Er, I don't necessarily mean the ending itself was depressing, it's just that after the legendary nature of part 1, nothing could live up to it.

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BUT, despite that long-winded grumbling, I do think it was good. Not sure it was quite enough to bump out Lost in Austen as my favorite miniseries, but it was worth seeing. It's an extremely respectable project, it had a lot of emotional power, and it deserves all the praise it has gotten and more. You should be watching it immediately so we can talk about it again. You can remind me of the other good parts.
Sorry, it's been a wildly shippy day for me. In addition to this, I devoted a couple of hours to watching the bonus features and preserving all the good bits of 10 Things I Hate About You in novelized format (why is this movie so magical that it manages to turn getting drunk at a party into something stuffed with like 82935 squeeful bits, and turn a date that involves both getting disgustingly messy and covered in paint - even in their hair! all over their hair, HORROR - into the most romantic moment ever? They even made me appreciate Prom. Prom!).

Then I bounced through Away We Go for the first time since I saw it in theaters, reminding myself of all the things that are so very wrong with it and being surprised that the number of good bits really do not make up for all the crap, but on the bright side I changed my mind about the soundtrack. It's still not something I'd listen to on my own, but woven into the movie, I really loved the music. Fewer desires to "spork my ears out," as 2009 Me charmingly put it.  ...And now, I suppose I should get back to my usual programming chains.