November 14th, 2010


And overnight, it became winter!

Friday the ground was bare; Saturday was both our first snow of the year and a blizzard (with thunder. so weird), and several inches of wet, heavy snow seem poised to stay a while. Plus it's still super warm, I took Kym on a walk without gloves. I wish the whole season of winter was like this.
We suffered through "Paranormal Activity" last night because of its super scary reputation. To which I say: HAHAHAHAHA, are you kidding me? We spent the entire movie waiting for things to happen and mocking the lack of action just to stay awake. "Wow, this pacing is excellent." "This is ALMOST as exciting as The Village." "Oh my God, a door moved." "Oh no, the opening to the attic shifted."  ("Eh. Maybe they just have some very resourceful raccoons.")  "Ooooh, the sheets slithered off the bed. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight." It is just the worst, least frightening film ever shelved in the horror section. The very last minute made me go, "Oh. That's mildly interesting," and that was the best part.

On that note, please recommend me actually-scary films? All I want is something chillingly spooky, preferably without a lot of gory blood (no worse than the level found in Harper's Island), and no zombies. Why is that so impossible to find lately? [Edit: like, say, "The Haunting in Connecticut"? Holy crap, scary movie win.]
The Office, 7x07, "The Christening" (yes. I'm super behind, again.)
Whoa, hey, whoa there, Office Tally raters and your 5.58/10, this was not one of the worst episodes of all time. It was not even the worst of the season so far. Did you not read the title? Did you not see the baby? 
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Glee, 2x06, "Never Been Kissed"
Season 1? Is - is that you?

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