November 19th, 2010


High-fiving a million angels

I may have watched the TV special on People's "Sexiest Man Alive" a couple nights ago. Pointless as it was, is Kim Kardashian the worst host in the world or what? It was like she was being called on in class to read aloud, and not particularly good at it. Her focus should be on looking pretty in fashion and not talking. Also, I learned that as much as I objectively appreciate Ryan Reynolds, he just doesn't have the spark for me, and I don't know why. He's nice, he's cute, he has crazy muscle tone and apparently has a rescued mutt, but he's just sort of...bland. Instead, I demand to know why Patrick Dempsey keeps missing the cover. 
Interesting (the theory of the 3 Glees). What we've learned upon comparing that list to my episode rankings: RYAN MURPHY NEEDS TO HAVE HIS SHOW TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM.  And Brad Falchuk should be head writer, as none of his were actively bad, plus they include my top 3 episodes and a ton of favorite OTP moments. Ian Brennan, meanwhile, is almost perfectly hit or miss, to a fascinating degree.

[EDIT, MAY 2010: Oddly enough, as the season wore on, we learned that Ryan Murphy had learned several lessons and markedly improved, whereas Brad Falchuck just needs to be fired, immediately.]
COMMUNITY. Hello there, new favorite! I kept getting briefly interrupted, tragically, and also missed the first 2-3 minutes because of Sporcle, but I still think it was basically perfect.

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