November 30th, 2010


And the ghosts in the attic, they never quite leave

You know which OTP I miss? Booth/Brennan. Not enough to go back to Bones, but enough to spend last night on YouTube trying to find the knife scene from last season's premiere. Which I could not find, except at the end of this video, which I decided was almost better. Protective!Booth.

And...clearly now I will be diving headlong into one zillion random fanvids, because I not only don't re-watch these episodes, I haven't even preserved any of the moments in novelized form. Ergo, they are ALL (ALMOST) BRAND NEW TO ME. And there are so many. Good God, it is like discovering X-Files all over again. See what good things come from resisting a ship for multiple seasons? At this point I cannot even fathom Past Me and her anti-shippin' ways.

Other activities for the morning: reading back through my Bones reviews with increasing sadness.  It was all going so well!

On the bright side, I finished my epic Glee review for 2x07 (backdated for organization), mostly for my own peace of mind, and....oh, look at that, someone got herself all caught up!

Glee, 2x08, "Furt"
Is that seriously the title? We are already starting off on the wrong foot.
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