January 1st, 2011


Book Appreciation Day (*not an officially recognized day)

I don't write enough fic to do the fanfic-summation meme, but I totally read enough books to fill out a year-end READING SURVEY! I will probably even cheat and retroactively stick this into previous years' posts, it's so awesome. Well, for me. You, less so. Which is why I added a secret awesome project to make this survey more relevant: below the questions, you will find a visual representation of all 107 covers on this year's reading list (save one that I could not find anywhere on the internet and forgot to check out of the library again to take a picture of). I even did my best to find the precise editions I read, whenever possible.

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P.S. The movie list is done, too. It topped out at 40. Always the neglected sidekick list, I can't even be bothered to come up with links for those, so I'll just assume everybody knows all the films by name and release year.