January 2nd, 2011


The Music of 2010: Quarter 4 and Final

Music came from everywhere, all the time this fall, including three full CDs flush with treasure for me to investigate. Run, you guys, it’s the return of the 50-SONGS-AT-ONCE TIDAL WAVE!  In fairness, 60% of those are from three sources, including 15 instrumental Doctor Who soundtrack pieces you can feel free to skip right past. If you must. The soundtrack pieces are temporarily uploaded to stream, though, whereas the rest are all YouTube-linked both for lack of time on my part and because a fair number of these have pretty videos that I think add to the listening appeal.

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Crazy and Disjointed Rambling: The Theme of 2011

-Hey there, Hawaii 5-0. I think I'm going to have to watch you tomorrow if Alex O'Loughlin is getting himself tasered. (This is always the way to lure me to anything.) And then we will see for certain if my extreme dislike of everything I have seen from Scott Caan does in fact ruin all the eye candy that makes up the rest of the cast.

-Tonight's very special episode of CSI: Miami: No longer content to gun down criminals, Horatio takes to shooting rogue alligators. Welcome to South Florida, bitch. However, if you like Ryan being adorable, flirting with and/or being White Knight-ish with pretty ladies, you should make time for this episode. Collapse )
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-Further on the above, for the promise of "Britt Robertson as a patient in need of a heart transplant," I closed the night by bouncing back to Three Rivers for episode 1x03.  Collapse )