January 16th, 2011


We met and the sparks flew instantly

So. OFF THE MAP. Remember when Private Practice first came along and it seemed all classed up, not half as sleazy and naked as Grey's Anatomy, and I loved everybody but 1 immediately? THESE ARE THOSE HALCYON DAYS.

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In other news, Mom was channel-surfing tonight, and I took the remote away when she landed on something featuring teenage girls in a pasture with a breathtaking leopard spotted Appaloosa. 6:00 seemed like an odd time to start a movie, but...OH MY LORD, IT IS A TV SERIES. "HEARTLAND."  Based on the book series that I never finished because I grew out of it before it got very far, but it was a good series and THIS IS A TV SHOW. FEATURING HORSES, SO MANY HORSES. My lifelong dream has been waiting here since 2007, apparently, and I didn't even know about it.

I stopped watching immediately so as not to spoil myself without knowing where in canon this was, but it was hard to drag myself away. Summer just got even more full (or not. I made a promise to FNL first and I will stick to it, but...horses!).
Now: LISTEN UP, EVERYONE, I require not one but three of you fancy paid-journal people to send me otters. The first is to have "An Otter's Story" written in the comment box, the next is to say "Ring of Bright Water," and the last is to be "A Rumor of Otters." Consider this your public credit or shaming, if still blank in 24 hours. Thank you!!:
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One person can also choose to send them all, if you've got extra free gifting slots. Just bring me my literary otters for the profile page so I don't have to lamely send them to myself (is that even possible?). If you remember any other otter-themed books along the way, I will take those too.