January 18th, 2011


"I never thought this day would come...now I'm afraid that it has come all too soon."

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Meanwhile, you would not believe how hard I have been hitting up the internet for new spoilers since 7 PM last night, because the closer one  gets to an airdate (especially a big one), the looser lips flap. Collapse )

UNLREATEDLY, AND MOOD-SHIFTINGLY: I love Hyperbole and a Half at all times, even though I sometimes forget to visit it for months on end, but THIS POST!! I actually laughed so hard I started crying. Tears rolling down my cheeks, the whole shebang. I have read it three times over the course of the afternoon, and while I can now control the tears, I still wind up laughing until it hurts.
Mt. Fandom

EMOTIONS. (a/k/a, "Nothing we say is gonna save us from the fallout")


Remember this chart?

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(a/k/a, this is going to be a bitch to review coherently and rationally. Good luck getting mentioned, all other TV that was supposed to be awesome this week! NO TIME, NO HEADSPACE.)

[Edit: Man, it is a good thing I am anti-Ross/Rachel, or it would seem like soul-punching irony that the first Friends rerun tonight is the one where they spend a whole episode fighting only to break up after all.]