February 10th, 2011


What kind of a name is Zoey? What is that, short for Zoseph?

I've finally driven my brother to school enough times that I feel safe listening to the radio in the car. Yesterday, after the perfectly permissible "I Look So Good (Without You)," a new song comes on. I'm nodding along to its cuteness, thinking maybe I've got a Music List bite, and then suddenly, "Let's go all the way tonight."
Me: *recoils and glares suspiciously* What the -- oi, is this Katy Perry?
Radio: You make me / feel like I'm living a teenage dream

And suddenly, what looks like a random anecdote becomes a transition.

How I Met Your Mother, 6x15, "Oh Honey"
Collapse )

Glee, 2x12, "Silly Love Songs"
Ugh, what a nauseating mess. Let's see what didn't make me queasy:

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In other TV news: Matthew Perry was an immediate joy in "Mr. Sunshine" -- see, it helps that "Better With You" came back, because I need a full hour of avoiding bad comedies before I return to ABC -- and it has great potential with greater cast surprises around every corner. Just one teensy little problem: three strikes and you're out; this confirms that I can't stand Allison Janney. I just can't stand anything about her; she gets on all my nerves at once.

P.S. Oh, Marlee Matlin. You're so much better than Celebrity Apprentice.