February 21st, 2011


The Hunger Games: Official Review Style

There. Done. Good riddance.

Why is this book popular? It is so ordinary. It is so not special or particularly captivating in any way. It was actually less violent than I thought -- the worst thing for me was the mention of a previous year in which contestants had to bludgeon each other to death with spiked maces; that was some unsettling imagery -- but the boredom almost made it worse. I'm not even angry at the plot of the book itself* so much as just, why is everyone wasting their money on this and proclaiming it one of the best YA novels of the year/all time?? It is so far away from being worthy of critical or popular acclaim that truly, teaching Catcher in the Rye makes more sense to me.

(*well, I am, or at least the author; I'm kinda feeling about her the way people feel about Stephenie Meyer unleashing her work upon the world, except I have never actually been able to churn up legitimate contempt for Twilight in my heart)

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And just. Overall. There was basically nothing here that correlated with my interests. Gale and Rue were the most interesting people in it. Unsurprisingly, I feel no pull at all to read the other books.
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