March 1st, 2011


Tickets to Crazytown are now on sale.

"It's that time of year again, where I cruelly make you choose between beloved characters in a bloody, no holds barred, single elimination tournament. Tears will be shed, capslock will be abused, flists will be torn apart. Let's do this."

Today we're just voting to nominate the contender from each show, so I'm still relatively clear-headed (aside from "if Kurt ultimately represents Glee, things will die"). My predominant emotions so far are sadness at how many of these shows are totally irrelevant to me because I just don't care, and joy at the fact that there are already well over a thousand comments with twice as many voters, and it's only been up for a few hours. This thing could take on ONTD. And as always, the comments are filled with too many amazing things to count. My goal this year is to somehow save all the most impressive work and then edit it into a collection by fandom. Pity the GIFs can't be saved in a printable way, but maybe I can do something else with those. 
Grey's Anatomy, 7x16, "Not Responsible"
I honestly can't decide if this episode was AMAZING or TERRIBLE.
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Private Practice, 4x15, "Two Steps Back"
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CSI: NY, 7x16, "The Untouchable": Collapse )
House, 7x14, "Recession Proof"
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How I Met Your Mother, 6x18, "A Change of Heart"
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Pretty Little Liars: Collapse )