March 4th, 2011


Without a rigid review schedule, I just get lazy and indiscriminate.

FANDOM. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Kurt Hummel is now representing Glee in March Madness. Just to make it that much more agonizing, Rachel lost by TWO VOTES. TWO. Out of hundreds cast. OK, I just found a contender to hate more than Dean Winchester.

And now the office pool agony begins. Collapse )
"Beastly" needs to get in theaters and off the commercial airwaves, because it is SO GROSS. Catching sight of that is like being slapped in the face, I recoil so hard. I could deal with the scars, but not the shaved head with gross tattoos everywhere that look like V-word things. I currently think that Vanessa Hudgens is the strongest actress on earth for not only being able to look at that for weeks on end, but pretend to fall in love with it. Every time I get an accidental glimpse on TV, my gag reflex kicks in.

Through spectacular coincidence, the SVU episode with Britt Robertson reran a couple of nights ago. Alas, I only saw half because I'd wasted time with a Seinfeld rerun first. The episode was better than I remembered (certainly better than Bones' take on the headline), as was her part.
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Off the Map, 1x08, "It's a Leaf"
They repeat this phrase so many times, you start to wonder if they're actually sending a pro-drug message.

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For lack of anything else on TV tonight, I got dragged into watching the American Idol results show, Collapse )