March 15th, 2011


'Cause you weren't there when I was scared

9 weeks in, has exactly 29 Off the Map stories (and as far as I can tell, LJ has much less than that). None of them feature my extremely canon pairing. COME ON. Why do I keep getting ghost-town fandoms? I picked a show from a proven producer on a major network in an established genre that did not get axed immediately, but is determinedly chugging along, uninterrupted, to complete its initial 13-episode run. Just because the canon is amazing in terms of my personal wish-granting doesn't mean you shouldn't feel free to embellish it with extra ideas in fic. Yuletide option, maybe??

Friends in Syndication: So, I have always been vaguely creeped out by Richard/Monica, and never understood why it lasted as long as it did. Then last night I finally saw the episode where they break up, and I felt very D: about it, despite Chandler/Monica being my clear OTP for the series. Confusing.
CSI: NY, 7x17, "Do or Die"
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CSI: Miami, 9x16, "Hunting Ground"

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House, 7x16, "Out of the Chute"
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All right, now I'm officially obsessing.

While merrily skipping sleep, looked up some more stuff on The Crossing. So, Martin Henderson would be on tap to play Jason, right? Let me just cross-reference that fact with this description:

[Rachelle] Lefevre will play Anna, a war widow who watched helplessly as Union soldiers burned her husband and two little boys alive in their barn.  Now living with her five-year-old daughter, Anna is smitten with Jason at first sight and embarks on a torrid affair with the troubled outsider.

RIGHT. CANCEL THE MIDSEASON MEDICAL DRAMA THAT COULDN'T AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN. At this point, The Crossing is pretty much ruined for me if it's not cast this way...but technically, I'm in a win/win position now, right? Either my show lives, or the new show gets its best stars. Option 3 is that my show lives but Clark gets written off it, costing me the Pretty Factor, but paving the way for Ben/Lily and possibly still giving me two shows for the price of one. So...triple win potential? Unless both shows fall through. That would suck.
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