March 22nd, 2011


Little boys, little toys

And now for some stuff that is *actually* different: 

House, 7x17, "Fall From Grace"
Check it out, it's Adam! I'm sorry, where was this Joan of Arcadia reunion one week ago when Martha was inappropriately attracted to her patient without being able to figure out why? It is just cruel to taunt me like that.

Collapse )
It appears I have a new shippy reason to watch Pretty Little Liars. Collapse )

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On another note, this show's soundtrack is insanely perfect. It seems like every single time they use a song, it is some female solo artist that either came straight out of the RS-Approved Library of Music, or is someone who easily deserves a place there.
Incredibly apt description of Matthew Morrison's "Summer Rain" single: "He could sing the phone book and make it sound good, but this song is a B side, not a hit. He can do so much better." (Not to mention that he lost me at the chorus. "Wait a minute, what was that about the rooftop? Um, no.") There is no real way for him to fail at singing, per se, but he's certainly not going to make the almighty Music List with this.