March 27th, 2011


"You I'd throw to the wolves if I could."

I've apparently fired all television that is not ABC Wednesday minus gross Modern Family. I never want to think about anything else during the week except seeing these hree shows, in ascending order of anticipation.

7:00: The Middle is so cute, all the time, I can't believe how precious it is, especially Sue being the most/only realistic middle schooler on television. Her normalcy blows my mind. Neil Flynn also surprises and delights on a weekly basis.

8:30: MR. SUNSHINE. That's it; I love it unequivocally (and it wasn't even that good this week). Even Allison Janney entertains me now -- I've realized Crystal is basically the humorous appeal of Sue Sylvester without the evil malice. What do you mean, only two more episodes?!

9:00: Off the Map: Unsurprisingly, pretty boring whenever Ben was not punching the crap out of people

1x11, "Everything's As It Should Be"

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But NEXT WEEK. HOLY CRAP, NEXT WEEK. Let me just summarize, for my own benefit, all of the things that are right in this preview:

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And then I gave the internet a slap, and the press-release summary for the finale fell out:
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It's so on right now

I feel like I should probably mention how it's my birthday and I'm an ancient quarter-century old, but I hardly had a spare minute to think about that due to the fact that Off the Map (and an INSANE amount of survey work, frickin' backlog) has thrown my TV schedule all out of whack, and I am currently obsessed with nothing but catching up. I will mention my delicious, delicious birthday cake, though -- an angelfood beehive number with white whipped frosting and dotted with a modest amount of confetti sprinkles. It's super light, fluffy, heavenly and exquisite. We even had strawberries to go with it.


After avoiding it for days and finally watching it...oh, let's say a full week after its original airdate, I issued a challenge: "All right, let's just do this thing. Setting phasers to default: hate. Change my mind!"

Glee, 2x16, "Original Song"
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