April 1st, 2011


How did it turn into April already?

*side-eyes internet* How obnoxious do you plan to be this year, exactly? So far, Neopets has been awesome (pets are infected with a mysterious plague that looks a lot like barnacle growths, where you have to send the entertaining, wearable cures like Magical Slorgs to other players' pets), but otherwise I'm still warily waiting for all the pranks to kick in.

Fell asleep and missed Thursday TV live, but the poll has spoken (or at least failed to argue), so here are more double helpings of shows I left in the dust for a while.

Finally caught up on Community. Collapse )
Law & Order: SVU, "Totem": Collapse )

My favorite part by far was this absolutely gorgeous dog being walked in one brief scene. Crap quality, which is why it's so small, but you can still see the gorgeous spotting and long hair, yes? My brain fails me and can't tell the breed. English Setter?

HIMYM in syndication: "The Three Days Rule" aired the other night, and it is still one of my favorite episodes of the series ("...why do we keep trying to have sex with Ted?"). It just does not go wrong -- hilarious from start to finish. I think, come spring, I'm going to have to release a Top Ten Episodes list for this show. Oh! Maybe that's what we'll do for our next anniversary party.