April 2nd, 2011


This is the kind of post I should probably backdate.

A) Test-scoring night work starts Monday and continues for an indeterminate amount of time, so live primetime is temporarily not an option and there's a chance I'll be falling behind on some shows (but at least I managed to wrangle it so that I'm a regular reader rather than a team leader, whew! Did not need that stress). Exactly which ones will depend how I feel next week. I know you're concerned.

B) Hey look, I had forgotten there was once a whole different version of Off The Map (how you replace Enrique Murciano and get BETTER, I have no idea). It's one where you see a glimpse of backstory on the new doctors before they leave (Mina's room has a collection of Breyers, my life is complete), and Ryan doesn't exist so Ben/Lily is absolutely ON. Ben also seems more like the jerk I originally imagined him to be:
"You made a mistake; don't have feelings about it, fix it."
--See, that's the kind of thing I spent the premiere dreading was coming, and was so relieved when it never materialized

C) While we're on the topic, I found the interview I was looking for last week, the one circa mid-February featuring all the really lovely actor insights about their characters/characters' relationshipsCollapse )
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