April 25th, 2011


But if you try sometimes / you just might find / you get what you need

I really must stop convincing myself that posts are "not quite long enough" to post, only to find that by the time I'm done, they are hideously long and contain several days' worth of thoughts.

1. Here's a fun story: on the Friday drive home, I flipped between radio stations to escape that horrendous new thorn in my side, Bruno "Lethally Boring" Mars, and landed on some potentially lovely lyrics featuring "she," with intriguing music. Heart lighting up, I immediately burned the words into my brain so I could look it up later. And then we got to the chorus:

Don't call my name, don't call my name...Alejandro

TRUST ME, THERE WAS SOME EPIC SWEARING HAPPENING IN THAT VAN. But I kept listening, and it was so pretty, and I may have cried a little in frustration, because now I'm hooked on it. Did I mention my inability to understand why Lady Gaga persists in being such a freak when her music is not actually that bad?

2. On my walk with Kym, I saw a blue jay chasing a gray squirrel through a pine tree. It was awesome. The squirrel kept scrambling up and around the trunk and onto different branches, and the jay kept fluttering after it, making more noise with its flapping wings than a chicken, until the squirrel finally jumped into the adjacent tree and escaped. I've heard of jay aggression, but never seen it in action.
A haphazardly watched week's worth of TV viewing.

House, 7x19, "The Last Temptation"
Collapse )
How I Met Your Mother, 6x21, "Hopeless":Collapse )
30 Rock: Collapse )
Community, "Paradigms of Human Memory": Collapse )
Glee, 2x17, "A Night of Neglect"
Collapse )

The Office, "Michael's Last Dundies"
Collapse )