June 12th, 2011


And I thought what I felt was simple / And I thought that I don't belong

Finally, after all that noise I made about not being able to wait all those awful days until Tuesday...Primeval, 5x03!

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Went to many  garage sales and an estate sale yesterday. I bought one thing, 50 cents for a cute miniature version of Pierre Lapin -- that's Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit -- inscribed 1964 from French Club ("Christmas card contest, 1st prize"). Is a little beat up around the edges, but OH MY GOD I miss buying things at garage sales. Why is it so hard this year! I guess I used up most of my luck at that awesome pre-season birthday weekend library sale. (STILL GLEEING. Every time I look over at my prized pony/puppy mystery books on the shelf, I glow)

The estate sale was more fun to look around. It was very small - not a lot of stuff, and it was an old cottage little bigger inside than an apartment, but it had some very old things at very reasonable garage sale prices. Plus, the huge garage out back looked like it might have once been a carriage house -- and came complete with a horse-drawn buggy for sale, which was a surprise one doesn't expect from a suburban area.

P.S. This post is the most successful use of a dual-purpose icon ever!