September 4th, 2011

Mt. Fandom

What do awesome movies have in common lately? Matt Damon.

(firstly: sweet sweet rich text tab! never leave me again! but now that I'm noticing it again, Collapse )
I've always liked Matt Damon, but as of this year his movie choices are on FIRE. Collapse )
Noted on a mystery shopping survey: I see you adored the food and all, but based on a quick internet dictionary search to confirm, I don't know that "cunnilingual" delight is exactly the word you are searching for there.
Finally watched the Glee season 3 promo, after realizing that I had been following tabs on casting all summer but had no idea what was actually going to happen, storyline-wise. I don't know which part horrifies me most: Collapse )
Lastly, I am so bad at setting trends I can actually kill them before they begin, but I'm going to keep doing them. Apparently I posed this question to afteriwake as an Ask Me The Top 5 meme option, and it's so neat I want to play:

Name your top 5 season premieres and top 5 season finales
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