September 5th, 2011

VCR kill #8

The Summer 2011 Watchlist

May 20, 2011

Ho snaps! It's that time of year where RS is nearly done clearing out her regular-season TV barn and restocking it with summer staples: shows that will be airing, shows stored in the Vault, shows she has been trying to make time for for years, etc.

[EDIT: Pepetually-updated list is now closed, and post has been replaced with original list + completeion dates. Strikeouts are things I did not get to.]

Episodes Left for the Season 
House: 4
Glee: 1
The Office: 3
CSI: 2
CSI: NY: 2

[EDIT: All done as of May 26]

Summer TV Series Plans
Sarah Jane Adventures: series 4 [done 8/28]
Law & Order: UK: picking up at episode 14 overall [6/26]
Primeval: series 4-5 [6/30]
Pretty Little Liars: season 2 [starts airing in June] [8/31]
Life Unexpected: finale post [done 7/2] + season 1
Some random shiny thing that is sure to distract me by July [edit: Scott & Bailey?]

Giving someone a 15% off Kohl's coupon and access to a car can lead to dangerous things

Things that feel like failure: spending $20 at Half Price Books and not coming home with a single book. :(

But! I did get 2 things I have wanted for a very long time and 1 thing I have wanted very intensely for a short time: Tori Amos' "Scarlet's Walk" (the world's most perfect CD), Josh Groban's "Awake" (special internet-only edition with extra songs and making-of DVD, woohoo!), and season 2 of Scrubs. That's right, I looked at every available TV show on DVD out there and I chose this one because it was 3 discs and therefore the cheapest.

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Speaking of Scrubs, yesterday a good procrastination tool seemed like watching the first six episodes of season 9 online. And when I say six, I mean that I started with 9x03 on a whim and then they were such an unexpected delight I could not stop. The point at which I officially began to care about Lucy as a central narrator was when I saw that every inch of her room was decorated in a horse theme.

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