September 7th, 2011


Why aren't my fandoms living up to these awesome precedents?

...I might have to watch the Modern Family premiere. Voluntarily. LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS HORSE! What the hell, ModFam. I am always trying to make horses happen on my TV shows. And of the many ways to go about doing that, a ranch vacation is basically the ultimate pinnacle of horse-happening. How are YOU the one who manages it?

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Also, muzzy_olorea posted this and I feel compelled to, er, reblog for those who may not have seen it yet, as it is a great fandom treasure regardless of whether you have ever seen the show:

I've spent a bunch of time reading my fall preview issue of EW, and decided that as close as it is, the new TV season can't start soon enough. Right now I have zero interest in my shows, and instead just want to ride herd and keep tabs on the entire landscape at once, charting successes and failures. I know way too much about every new show and what half the returning shows are doing, only to realize I have no clue what any of what I generally claim as MY shows are planning beyond their season premiere, and for NCIS I don't even know that. If my shows could start happening with new episodes again, I think it would reset my focus and help me care about individual characters again.