September 9th, 2011


My guardian book angels look out for me, and other garage sale news:

I drove to an estate sale just slightly outside my usual biking zone because it was in a nice part of town and described as "the entire contents of the house will be on the driveway." (and the pictures proved it) This was the last day of the sale and there was still quite a lot of stuff. Not much I wanted, but then I glanced over at the kids stuff and saw this cute thing that I recognize from childhood:

I like to check the cuter Little Golden Books I find just to see how old they are, but imagine my shock when I flipped open the cover and saw in the "This book belongs to ____" plate...

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Edit: This day just keeps getting better. Apparently Ashley Fink, a/k/a Lauren, a/k/a any nasty nickname I can come up with in a given week/object of my intense hatred, has been sidelined and reduced to an occasional character on Glee. THANK YOU, GOD. This 80% makes up for Chord.