September 15th, 2011


Christmas in September!

Alternatively, "I am a horrid spendthrift."

There were ten sales within a 3-mile radius of my house today. And they were ALL AWESOME.  Even when I didn't buy stuff - and I bought something at most of them - there was great stuff to look at, not a bunch of useless baby clothes and low-quality cheap crap.  I used up the last scraps of my remaining cash early on and had to go grab a $20 bill from the ATM along the way, so naturally I just couldn't spend fast enough, drunk on my wealth and good fortune.

Here is a quick glance at the pile:

Collapse )

And now, the final glee of the day: rewriting this post in a more streamlined version for thriftwhore, so I can relive it all over again! You can go there instead if the verbosity bugs you here.