September 20th, 2011


Officially kickin' off the TV season

And by that I mean I hung out on CBS all night because apparently nothing else has started yet.

How I Met Your Mother, 7x01, "The Best Man"
Collapse )
7x02, "The Naked Truth" Collapse )
Out of the blue, Two and a Half Men turned into something wonderful.Collapse )
I didn't think I could love 2 Broke Girls any more...and then they added a horse.Collapse )
I watched Hawaii Five-0 on the theory that I needed to see how the finale plot strands were resolved. Collapse )
Skipped Castle, since a lot of the potential in Beckett getting shot went out the window when I found out she already had a boyfriend. What is wrong with you, show? Who squanders an opportunity like that? Honestly. Hit up YouTube for a clip or two, but was severely underwhelmed re: shippy kicks. Call me if this front ever gets going without choosing the bad Bones road.

(ignore me. My canon shipping prospects this season are terrifyingly thin and I'm going everywhere in search of scraps.)