September 28th, 2011


We'll find a way of forgiving

I am not above begging. Does anyone have any spare Coke codes they'd like to give me? I only need 33 points within the next month to renew my subscription of Entertainment Weekly, after which I will probably have to quit cold turkey since I'm drinking much less pop nowadays, but until that's 3 points per bottlecap code and 10 per 12-pack. So if you drink but don't collect the points yourself, please donate them to the RS Loves Her Rag Magazine Fund.
Sidebar: one of the things lost when I skipped at least half of "Born This Way": prior to looking up my title lyrics, I DID NOT KNOW about the Warblers extra-gorgeously covering "Somewhere Only We Know."  #worshipping at the altar of Blaine and the Pips, #Kurt/Blaine makes me extra happy now, #oh hey Sam is in the background
Glee, 3x02, "I Am Unicorn"
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Chord Overstreet on The Middle was FANTASTIC. Collapse )
CSI, 12x02, "Telltale Hearts"
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