November 2nd, 2011


I'm just walkin' my dog, singing my song

1. The nifty new Age Analyzer toy thinks this LJ was written by someone 36-50 years old. HAHAHA! But not off base. I'm surprised it isn't older, frankly, with my crabby grandma ways.

2. Watched "Bride Wars" again, this time with my parents. The following gem of a conversation took place:
(as Kristen Johnson appears)
Mom: Oh, she's skinny again! Remember how heavy she got? On Sex and the City?
Dad: The one that fell out of a window?
Mom: Yeah.
Dad: I shouldn't know this.

3. I ran across a pic of Abby & Jethro on Tumblr, which led to this. Remember when this episode happened and it was the best part of the entire season/counts as a series highlight? Now set to adorable music. Must resist adding third Abby-centric icon...

4. Speaking of things on Tumblr, I also ran across a wonderful crackpot theory that, throughout the nine seasons of Scrubs, JD was slowly becoming schizophrenic. "He can only differentiate between some of what’s real and what isn’t - and neither can the viewer, because he only sees the show through J.D.’s perspective.  By the end of season 8, he gets committed to a mental hospital.  But in his mind, he’s only leaving Sacred Heart to work somewhere else. Season 9 is entirely his own fantasy. " It makes weird sense when you read through it.

5. NCIS, 9x06, "Devil's Triangle"
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6. How I Met Your Mother, 7x08, "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns"
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7. Up next: Glee, and then I an working on a thing related to shipping in the comment section of the previous post. Stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

But on the bright side, there are macros

Morning, everyone! As alluded to in the previous post, anyone here a fan of Rookie Blue? Nope? That's cool. crackers4jenn has been peddling it like crack, and I've been nodding politely and reading the posts, thinking it sounded OK and considering it even though I am in a hiring freeze re: procedural dramas, and Southland's last season burned out all my enthusiasm for watching patrol cops. Still, she redoubled her efforts to at least get me into the OTP after my Castle post, and this time I gave in. I accepted a guided YouTube tour (for which I am grateful, I swear!), as flailing about blindly on my own did not do me any favors, did not go quite the way I was expecting it to. But I spent roughly 2 hours getting increasingly frustrated while making minimal progress, so I need to vent in a horribly detailed way.

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Glee, 3x04, "Pot O' Gold"
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