November 6th, 2011


Almost forgot, I bought some more books.

We last went to this library sale in April, but this time we went in the morning of Day 1 instead of Bag Sale Day. It's 100% donated material so the selection is usually lower than a regular library sale, but it was way better this time than I've ever seen it. Of particular interest was an entire box full of cat books -- there seriously must have been 20 or more, outnumbering the dog books -- featuring everything from pet memoirs to gift-style books to cat care and breed books to, and I am not even kidding you, the (enormous) 1982 Cat Fanciers Association Yearbook. spoiler alert: I did not buy it.

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I read a fantastic YA novel about the child of a hoarder, Dirty Little Secrets, and I LOVED the 75% of it that was just her trying to clean out the house, hour by hour. The writing was fascinating, especially with the occasional memories and flashbacks objects would bring up. The book could have gone on for an extra 150 pages just describing that. But then it was like the author just ran out of ideas or got bored and wanted to be done.

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All done with TV and an entire day of my weekend left. What do I do with free time, again? Oh, that's right: cruise YouTube. For example, spending half an hour searching for Gibbs & Abby clips until I stumble across a 5-piece set starting with the video below.  You know your relationship is special when there is so much footage that a person can separate out a top fifty clips and have every single one be either as adorable or as heart-wrenching as the last. I think they might actually make me happier than any romantic relationship on television right now.