November 12th, 2011


You were in love, or so you said.

Glee, 3x05, "The First Time"
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How I Met Your Mother, 7x09, "Disaster Averted"
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Private Practice, 5x07, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"Collapse )

And since there are only ever two topics on this journal lately: I love checking the book section at The Dollar Tree, because surprisingly often they'll get overstock of actual quality books, and not just crap that was always destined for this store. This week they had paperbacks of the first Gossip Girl (quality only in the recognizable-name sense), as well as Wish You Were Here (#21), The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies (#73) and even Francesca Lia Block! Unfortunately, it was only Wasteland, which I'd a) already bought at a library sale, and b) subsequently thrown in the garbage barely-read because it was that disgusting. None of them were things I needed to own and so didn't buy, but still. Who doesn't love brand-new chain bookstore books at garage sale prices?

[EDIT: On second thought...their value would at least double if I brought them to Paperbacks Plus. It would be store credit (25% of cover price) instead of cash value and PP only lets you pay for half your purchase with store cred, but...if I sit and work out the math, I think I could break even on trading these books for books I'd want.]