November 20th, 2011


First snow less than a week before Thanksgiving? I like this kind of winter.

My mom and I got into a brief conversation wherein she mentioned that she enjoyed watching Big Love a few years back, not for the subject matter, but because a friend recommended it and she thought the writing & acting were really good.
Me: We can't talk anymore.
Mom: Oh, I forgot, you don't like cable shows.
Me: I just think they are generally inferior to network shows in every way.
Mom: Really? I think they tend to better written.
Me: EVERYONE thinks that. That's why it is so imperative that I --
Mom: Think the opposite?
Me: No. That's why it's imperative that I point out how everyone is WRONG.

So saying, let's discuss some of those network shows who had some pretty quality runs this week.

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The Office, 8x08, "Gettysburg"
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Via Tumblr: aww, Parks & Rec, you were sort of adorable in this set of "This is how I feel" gifs I'm looking at! And I think that may be the first time I've used my P&R tag hate-free.

While I'm here, Tumblr, why don't I remember this moment from Harry Potter? I honestly can't even place the...oh, it was a deleted scene wasn't it? It was. Who would cut that?? I will cut you. (and now if you need me, I'll be crawling into a corner and weeping some more)
Private Practice, "THE INTERVENTION"
The promo took itself way too seriously ("LIFE-CHANGING" EPISODE?), but to its credit, it was really good. Possibly my new favorite episode of the series (the first half, anyway). The darker this show gets, the better it is.
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NCIS, "Engaged"
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