November 25th, 2011

Mt. Fandom

From the document saved as "HAWAII WHAT IS THIS."

1. crackers4jenn's journal has turned into a hotbed of friending activity, as I picked up two new friends from there in the span of two days. Consider this the official welcome for nvrbnkisst and dotty. I am all a-twitter because I am down to a rate of, like, one new friend per year these days, which does not even balance out the number who quit on me or become totally inactive. I'd do a more thorough welcome, but what you see is what you get.

2. Just watched "Gremlins." I feel like this was a pretty popular movie at one time? Or maybe cult classic? Has everyone seen it except me? It was just the most indescribably cracky fun-with-a-hybrid-of-scary-and-macabre time I have ever had. Not sure who was cuter, Barney or Gizmo. I was going to say I need a mogwai, but then I remembered that Furbies exist.
3. Why does Scarlet Johansson have to be part of "We Bought A Zoo"? Everything about that preview looks incredible, and then there is her face in the middle of it, ruining things. I am unexpectedly protective of this movie, okay, it's MY book. I found it and I read it a whole year ago; I have intimate knowledge of this story that none of you have, and I demand it conform to my expectations!

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4. Watching Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap right now. Suddenly disappointed in myself for not working lyrics from "You Just Got Slapped" into my last Glee review.

5. NCIS, 9x10, "Sins of the Father"
When I first looked at the summary for this episode, I read it as "Tony's father is found dead in a trunk," and for a second I got really excited.
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6. So, while Castle was busy convincing me watch it live, Hawaii was all, "OVER HERE, OVER HERE! WE'VE GOT INTERNATIONAL MAIN-CHARACTER-HOSTAGE SITUATIONS AND STUFF. Also, Jenna." Even though they lost the live-viewing face-off, this made up for the festival of excruciating secondhand embarrassment and chicken-killing that was Survivor's unusually sucky clip show. It figures that the one thing I did not watch on Monday was the part of Monday TV that didn't disappoint.

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