December 3rd, 2011


Another day, more obsession talk. I should probably fetch an icon soon.

Reading Heat Wave at what, for me, is a turtle's pace because I am enjoying all the banter that much. Holy crap, this is so much better than, say, CSI novels.

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Book finished. Immediate reaction: WHERE IS THE NEXT ONE?? (Oh, in transit already? Cool.) I cannot believe how much fun that was. Pretty sure I will need to own copies of these books when they inevitably pop up at sales. (great. and since there are paperback options, that means now I'll have to scan the mystery section at sales too. Is there no place I can ignore anymore??)

This seems like it would have excellent reread value -- and not just for certain shipper passages that I could selectively transcribe for myself, but the entire storyline. It was interesting and quippy from start to end. And I just figured out why this is better than CSI novels -- instead of wasting time with OCs and having chapters dedicated to the perspective of players in our murder of the week, we stay with Nikki the whole time (and therefore, care about and are privy to her personal life, whatever there is of it).
And before I forget, an afterthought to wrap This Week In TV:
Terra Nova, "Now You See Me."
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