December 11th, 2011


A Very Special Fic Recs Post

9 PM: apparently Kurt/Blaine is big enough to have its own fanfic website. I don't know whether this is unsettling, or just really helpful for any missing scene I might need plus five more I haven't even thought of.

Midnight: I'm gonna go with "really helpful," seeing as all the time I planned to spend writing about TV this evening has instead been spent investigating the "angst" tag. This basically consists of me whipping through pages of results, rapidly rejecting 20-30 stories at a time after half a second's glance at the summary -- "No. Ew. What the hell. Ugh. Absolutely not. That sounds stupid. Forget it. A FAERIE?? M-rating, buh-bye. Enough with the future and the alternate timelines. And stop harming yourself, Blaine," before something pings my interest. Every so often those turn into readable stories upon click-through. And thus, I present to you:

Scarves & Coffee: A Preliminary Fanfic Primer
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One thing I am not enjoying about this archive: an overabundance of pet names. Ugh. If I see "honey" dropped one more time there is a strong possibility I will not be able to control my tendency toward homicide.
In slightly related news, will someone with an attractive voice please cover "Skin (Sarabeth)", like, YESTERDAY? The lyrics are everything sad storytelling should be, but the execution is so horrendous it's causing me physical pain.