January 1st, 2012


Raise your glass (to 2012)

We had perfectly chilled pink champagne at midnight, and either it was a better brand than usual or my palate has matured, because I actually liked the taste! I had two glasses, which I think was more like the equivalent of two-thirds of one serving. I know 3 of us shared a bottle and there's still some left, let's put it that way. Of course, then I chased it with sparkling apple juice and that was so much better. (who would ever prefer something from the liquor store over something alcohol-free? Is the eternal question in my head)

Prior to that, we revved up to the new year with a selection of games (Farkle, Lost Cities, Scattergories -- my favorite line in the last being when my mom put "matches" for "things kids play with," or possibly when my dad went, "Hobbies?! I didn't even see that category -- killing!" Wow, my parents sound incredibly dangerous in this post.). We had the Rockin' New Year's Eve on in the background for the last hour or so, and we were all mystified by the selection of musical performers, as in "What is this garbage and why is it popular?" If I didn't know better, I would assume it was full of bargain-basement acts they had to use because nobody good wanted to work on a holiday. Best part here was when my brother went, "Who's that?" of someone in a jeweled face mask, and my response was "I'm guessing Lady Gaga. If you don't know what you're looking at, it's always her."

Eventually I retired upstairs, whereupon I kicked off a new year in fandom with...a whirlwind shipping tour of Kurt/Blaine.
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Unrelated realization: a small part of me can't wait until Glee goes off the air. I suspect that, once we are no longer universally reviewing episodes and critiquing the music (so I don't feel like I have to violently disparage any performance that supports an unsavory storyline and/or that does not fit my extremely narrow view of vocal perfection, in order to make sure a dissenting opinion is documented), I am going to really enjoy listening to the official soundtracks in their entirety. I imagine it will be quite a relief to have favorites, but not feel I have to constantly make sure no one takes my silence as an implicit agreement that Santana or Mercedes' voice is as nice to listen to as Rachel's or Quinn's.

The Music of 2011: Quarter 4

And we officially have five years of music documented on this LJ! 532 tracks, give or take a handful of “list extras” featuring other covers and a few I've probably tired of since they were posted (especially in 2007, before we apparently had any clear rules about how much I had to love a song before I wrote it down). Whew! What did I do before I kept track of it all?

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Bonus: as I conclude my year-in-review traditions, here are the
Posting Tallies
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