January 11th, 2012

Happy Cat

2012 looks like the best year for movies in a decade

I feel like I want to make up for all those years of only going to 1 or 2 films by watching everything under the sun this year. Counting the two I've had booked since early in 2011, I am already up to at least four that I'm definitely plunking down Theater Money to see, more that are earmarked as library rentals.

Yesterday's adventure, however, was We Bought A Zoo. Aside from the fact that I wanted to violently attack ScarJo every second she was on screen, because THAT IS HOW MUCH I CAN'T STAND HER STUPID FACE, and some excruciating secondhand embarrassment, that definitely lived up to my expectations and was better than the book. Like, to the point where it makes me think I should reread the book and figure out what I missed, until I remember that the book's problem was all the narrative POTENTIAL it never delivered when it got bogged down in detailing the bureaucracy of it all, hence why I explicitly said "Holding out hope for the Matt Damon movie, though."

There were tons and tons of both cute and breathtaking animal shots, so that was perfect. And I loved the sense of friendship and family and community the whole idea fostered. Truthy quote from my dad: "That's the best movie I've seen in years."

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I realize I skipped my usual discussion of the previews beforehand. Let's both do that, and segue into my rough sketch of all the new movies I want to see so far:
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P.S. It's the hip new cliche to talk about Beyonce's baby, so I'll join the fray. Blue Ivy? Not for the first time, I think a whole lot of Hollywood parents would be better served buying and registering a purebred foal or two before they are allowed to fill in birth certificates. Because they're really good at creating pretty show horse names! Names for children, not so much.