January 12th, 2012


This quote is so incredibly relevant to my life.

"Hey, keep TV out of this. We need TV. We got nothin' else." -- Mike Heck, The Middle
Were you hoping for 2 Broke Girls to become less lowest-common-denominator anytime soon? Then you are out of luck. Pretty much every smartass line from one of the creator's mouths in this article makes me want to flip my lid. Among the gems:

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*eyeballs list of People's Choice winners*
Wait, so what you're telling me is, I should replace both the Oscars and the Emmys with this show and actually take it seriously next year, maybe with a liveblog? Because, holy crap. It apparently both nominates and awards things I know AND things I like!  (not in the music department, but def. in the film & TV sections)  Is it always like this? Why have I not been aware of this?

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NCIS, 9x14, "A Desperate Man"
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Pretty Little Liars, 2x15
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