January 13th, 2012

Jim Time Lord

Pitter-patter, drops of thoughts

I am currently reading Gleeful!, the tacky and "totally unofficial and unauthorized" guide to Glee('s background) published in 2010 by a 24-year-old UK author, because it's the only Glee-related book in the library system. It almost beats out the Spice Girls biography I own in terms of being shamelessly cobbled together. It's so much like the book version of an E! True Hollywood Story that I keep hearing the lines read in that voice. It's so bad it's almost good. I actually want my own copy so that I can pencil in my reactions to everything, and I never write in books.

30 Rock was strangely non-horrible last night! Have I been brainwashed by the half dozen late night reruns that have slipped past my guard while it's been off the air? Yes. But I laughed more than once, and was weirdly fond of Jack, and while Liz is always fabulous and 95% of what is good about this show, Liz's secret (the first one) was EXCELLENT!!! With three exclamation points.

As for The Office...Jim, how did you feel about this episode? [Trivia]

Me too. No need for elaboration, then. (and yes, I've been hoarding that picture since Halloween)
Accidentally set clock indeterminate number of minutes ahead (turned out to be five); suffered through last gasps of Grey's Anatomy as a result.
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Private Practice, 5x11, "The Standing Eight Count"
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