January 14th, 2012


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I especially want to know the answers to 11. TELL ME OF YOUR OLD BOOKS.
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So this (and others like it) showed up on Tumblr:

Which necessitated that I find this to explain it. In conclusion, ASDKLFJASDKLFASD. You know how a show rises to #1 in my personal rankings? Setting up a pipeline to my brain and consistently granting wishes. Congratulations, Castle, you and Glee have edged out all the other competitors to become the only shows I am intensely excited by right now. And you did it all on your own, without relying on musical favors to sing your way to the top.
Chuck Versus Bo
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Basically: even for January, TV was incredibly boring this week. I'm pretty sure the most exciting thing I watched was half of Wipeout, and I wish I could get my work-weekend out of the way right now. Next week, TV turns both crowded and awesome (Castle, Private Practice and Chuck all look especially exciting, Hawaii Five-0 is earning an appearance, and CSI, Southland, Glee and Raising Hope are all back from break), so naturally that's the weekend for which I am stuck with work.

On the bright side, it snowed today and everything looks pretty again.