January 17th, 2012


Must post before this gets too full of topics

Finally got to see Scream 4, and not even a year late! I'm glad I was not impatient enough to make a theater visit of it - this level of gore is NOT something that should be seen on a giant screen - but I was not disappointed at all. This franchise apparently cannot fail.

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In conclusion: for as much noise as the characters made about reboots vs. sequels, this worked excellently as a sequel. It managed to achieve that rare perfect storm of adding more satisfying material to a complete story without destroying the previous ending, mucking up the returning characters or dragging down the overall quality of the existing canon. It also caused me some difficulty sleeping after I finished watching it at 2 AM, which is the best consequence a scary movie can have.
I skipped the Golden Globes because I'm very much over Ricky Gervais, plus it seemed irrelevant since a quick glance at the TV section proved they can't even nominate quality shows. War Horse should have won Best Picture; otherwise I didn't care about films either. BUT, we are still going to play "comment on the dresses" today:

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