January 23rd, 2012


Looks like a solo tonight

Checked out the Warblers soundtrack from the library, figuring I was now in the market for them. Turns out trying to overcome my hatey prejudice against all but the 5 tracks I specifically like is harder than I thought. Come follow me on a disorganized journey of discovery, and keep in mind how prone I was to skipping Warblers scenes last season, so that means we've got all kinds of new reactions.

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While we're on the topic of Glee music, I got my hands on Volume 7 too (season 3 -- that was fast), and tomorrow we'll test my theory that I would hate fewer songs if I tried to accept them all as part of a CD full of happy sounds, rather than evaluating them in performance context.
And now, the regular edition of the news.

CSI, 12x11, "Ms. Willows Regrets"
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Law & Order: SVU, 13x12, "Official Story"
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Private Practice, 5x12, "Losing Battles"
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