January 24th, 2012


Glee Things vs. Non-Glee Things (or, 'oh my god, this post is so bloated')

I just want to crawl into a hidey hole with my fandoms and stop hearing about the politicians' plans to destroy the internet, okay? It's making me vaguely suicidal.

Songs Given a CD Redemption Pass So Far: You Can't Stop the Beat (awkward slow start and all), It's Not Unusual (fast becoming a fave), Last Friday Night (Blaine can make a lot of stuff work), Tonight (guh), Constant Craving, ABC (always liked, but up until now I hated the confusing mess made of the extra minute tacked on to the studio vs. show version), Control (minus Quinn's possessed voice), and Man in the Mirror. I've concluded that roughly 40% of my life now is spent in the mode where I want to hear nothing but Glee covers. Greatest music of all time.

Actual spoilers for next episode:
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Following my obsession with the West Side Story covers, I spent a good chunk of time today playing around with "The First Time," chipping away at a few more previously-skipped scenes.
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House, 8x09, "Better Half"
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Castle, 4x13, "An Embarrassment of Bitches"
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Pretty Little Liars, 2x17

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GIANT OSCAR NEWS: I do not have a qualm with a single one of the best picture nominees. Not one! This has never happened! The only two I am even vaguely worried about are "The Artist," because silent black and white movies are HORRIBLE -- yet apparently it features a cute dog? That could override the negatives -- and "The Tree of Life," because it has received near universal hate, but I don't even think it looks that bad. Obviously, I will be gunning for longshot War Horse, because it was the best picture (she says, not having seen it yet. That's how good it is). But The Descendants, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help, Midnight in Paris, and Moneyball are all even movies I want to see.