January 26th, 2012


And I am torn / to do what I have to

CSI, 12x12, "Willows in the Wind" (week #2 of TBT: The Beautiful Titles)
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E!Online is doing its annual couples poll, you know, the one famous for its errors and accusations of vote-tampering and still crowning Jeff/Annie from The Little Comedy That Struggles as the 2011 champions. Go play! Go marvel at what a grossly disproportionate amount of space is represented by Glee!

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This news from Sundance seemed relevant to my interests: [Josh] Radnor may have a bigger hit on his hands with Liberal Arts, in which he plays a 35-year-old bookish type who returns to his old university stomping grounds (filmed at Radnor's actual alma mater, Kenyon College) to visit his favorite professor (Richard Jenkins) and ends up falling in love with a co-ed sixteen years his junior (Elizabeth Olsen)