February 25th, 2012


Glee gets 2-3,000 words every week. All these shows, 50-250. Funny how life works.

But first, die of the Cute Overload: OMG PUPPY CONAN. The description of the clip is almost as good as the vid itself, so I'm linking rather than embedding, but trust me when I say you need to click it.

[edit: I decided to preserve it in spoiler text in case the site ever vanishes.]
Inspired by the success of the Puppy Bowl, last night Conan debuted “Puppy Conan,” a version of his show featu- OH MY GOD THAT ONE HAS A CONAN WIG. I’m sorry, where was I? What I meant to say is that the show built an exact replica of the set and brought out pup- OOOO PUPPY ANDY IS SHY HOLY LORD THAT IS SO CUTE. [clears throat] My apologies, again. I can do this. Okay. [collects self] So anyway, what happened was that they did a spoof of the Puppy Bowl by making a miniature set and putting wigs on puppies to make them look like Conan and Andy, and th- JESUS MIGHTY THEY HAVE A GUEST AND IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER AND IT’S JUST A DOG IN A TINY WITTLE WEAVVER JACKET AND OH MY GOD I SIMPLY CAN’T BEAR THE CUTENESS I THINK I MIGHT JUST D-


So many pretty horses on CSI: Miami last week. Frankly worth tuning in just to watch Calleigh calm one down and feed it peppermint (conveniently, this is in the teaser), but it's also amusing watching Ryan get freaked out by the big scary rearing giants on multiple occasions. Then I fell asleep 7 minutes before the end, and foolishly went online to finish.
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CSI, 12x15, "Stealing Home"
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Raising Hope, "Sheer Madness"
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NCIS, 9x16, "Psych Out"
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Private Practice, 5x16, "Andromeda"
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