February 26th, 2012


Glee And The Special Circle of Hell: A Second Look

I have had two sets of Glee DVDs in my possession for over two weeks now (I like how there are 16 requests on the complete season 2, but no one is interested at all in season 2 volume 2, which contains the slight majority of the season and is its better half), and I have been making obsessive use of them. The jukebox feature is especially wonderful, but I've been going through episodes too, especially the ones where I skipped most of the scenes without finishing. Three of them seemed due for updated thoughts:

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And then I went back to season 1.  IT'S SO BRIGHT. The colors!

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The lesson we learned from today's excessive ramble (on no sleep, naturally) is that I need to own the DVDs already. Bite the bullet and pay the ~$40 or so for new copies. The scratches on these library discs are so intolerable and resistant to cleaning that I simply cannot risk used versions, even if personal copies have likely seen far less wear and tear.